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CSP, Edwin Bags Varsity Award

 National News 


Professorial Appointment

Port Harcourt By Comr. Isaac / 18 Sept. 2023 / International Communication Centre, ICC

A Nigeria  dominance CSP Edwin, a "PEACE " maker and Humanitarianist has received Professorial appointment letter on 25th August, 2023 as the Senate and the Academic Council of St. Thomas-a-Becket University Canterbury England, United Kingdom 

Set to honour Amb. CSP, Dr. Edwin Igoche Okoh, Psc, EPA, iJP, FHNR, LLB, LLM, LLD, the DPO, Divisional  Police Officer Kwale, as PROFESSOR OF PEACE CONFLICT AND INTERNATIONAL JURISPRUDENCE, and according to the Professor Chidi Ehiriodo, Presiding Chancellor – AIT   the Award is based on his Security and Policing prowess which he has exemplified in his profession as a diligent and hardworking police officer. 

An his Educational qualifications and security intelligence attest to this. 

While on the interview with news men and journalists The International Association of World Peace Advocates and African Institute of Theology – AIT recommended him to this prestigious Academic Award based on his track records in PEACE MISSION in Liberia which are as following: 



International Humanitarian Law and The Law of Armed Conflict, 

Certificate 04 Oct. 2013

Human Right

Certificate 06th Oct. 2013

Human Rights and Peacekeeping, Certificate 29th Sept. 2013 

Principles and Guidelines for UN Peacekeeping Operations

Certificate 17th Oct. 2013

Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution 

Certificate 30th Sept. 2013

Commanding United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

Certificate 02nd Oct. 2013

Ethics in Peacekeeping, Human Rights

Certificate 08th Oct. 2013

Protections of Civilians

Certificate 1st Oct. 2013

United Nations Police Restoring Civil Order Following Hostilities

Certificate 07 Oct. 2013

Disarmament Demobilization Reintegration (DDR): Principles of Intervention and Management in Peacekeeping Operations 

Certificate 09th Oct. 2013


Basic Security In The Field II (BSITF II) Certificate 06th Sept. 2013

SMT: Certificate  13th Sept. 2013  etc... 

According to the news source; that he's well deserved and the award is actually to encourage him to do more and maintain Peace in the global community. 


Amb. Prof. Chidi Ehiriodo, PhD, EPA, MP, JP, International Director – IAWPA Presiding Chancellor – AIT