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JUST IN: "I Will Transform Bayelsa State Into A Gas Hub. Says Sylva"


Bayelsa State Is Richer In Natural Gas Than In  Crude Oil

By ChristyD 11 Sept. 2023 ( International Communication Centre ICC )

"I Will Transform Bayelsa State Into A Gas Hub. Says Sylva M."

Bayelsa State is richer in natural gas than in  crude oil. My administration will maximize the abundant gas resources in the State to improve the well-being of our people. 

This will attract foreign-direct investment, technology transfer for the locals and create jobs opportunities for the youths. Bayelsa State has as much gas as crude oil. 

The only challenge is that successive administrations have not tapped into the gas recourses for industrialization and job creation. 

Recently, the Nigerian content development and monitoring board has established the oil and gas park at Emeyal 

1.  After the ground breaking ceremony, the Local Content Board had laid the foundation for the construction of run-gas LPG composite cylinder manufacturing plant inside the gas hub at Polaku. 

The hub is sited at 10.6 hectares of land which the local content had purchased at Polaku community in 2010. 

The purpose is to establish a pipe mill. Although, this project has not yielded dividends, it is a clear commitment on the part government to invest massively in the gas sector in orfer to diversify the crude oil dependent economy. 

Pleasantly, the investment in gas will involve the major players in the hydro-carbon industry such as Shell, Total energy, Mobil etc.  My administration will leverage this initiative to establish a gas-hub in Bayelsa State. 

The value chain of this project will include massive training of youths to acquire the requisite skills, job creation and the creation of a middle class in the State outside the mainstream bureaucracy. 

Multiplier Effect of the proposed Gas-Hub

1. .Employment of youth,

2. Training and upskilling of members of host communities. 

3. Social amenities such as water, health centers and scholarships.

4. Boost the local economy.

The overriding aim of my administration is to care for human life, increase the well being index through industrialization, job creation and poverty reduction. 

In executing this assignment, we shall operate and open government in the spirit of popular participation, transparency and accountability. 

We shall set up an ICT infrastructure to enable our people make inputs in the policy making process. Together, we will identify the challenges facing us as a people. 

Our long term objective is to lay a solid foundation for the industrial take-off of our dear State and together, we shall labour to create a future we desire. Rest assured that under  my watch, Bayelsa State will rise again.