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JJUST IN: Comedian Mc Governor Auto-biography

Comedian Mc Governor 

By Ben. - ICC Media 27th Aug. 2023 

Mc Governor is one of the most popular upcoming comedians in Nigeria, and he is only twenty Four years old. His talent was discovered by Mr Ruben Jebufume. Despite his young age, he is one of the most prominent upcoming comic actor. 

Let's take a look at Mc Governor's biography to find out what is hidden in the life of this young comedian prodigy.


This young star was born on the 4th of October 1998. His place of birth  is in port Harcourt although his native  home is in Akaw-Ibom state. 

Mc Governor has a star manager/director- Mr. Reuben jegbfume,with his help, he came to the limelight.

His popularity started after the comedy skit "Mechanic".

According to Mc Governor biography,his acting career started when he was in primary school. At the time, his intelligent and persistence helped him to learn his lines with no problems. From secondary school he was the president of dramatic club, From 2014, he started to win various awards for his performance, including

 *Niger Delta Special Talent Award 

 * Best Stage Performing actor(glad Tidings College)

 * Up-Coming Comic Actors Award(Nigeria film Assiosation)

Apart from acting the young comedian is a member of the Akaw-Ibom state children's parliament,an advocating chamber for the right and well-being of children. The comedian studies political science in the University of uyo(uniuyo).


This young comedian is currently one of the most popular up-coming celebrity not only in Nigeria but worldwide. 

As a young up-coming comedian he has traveled to few International countries like :

 *Belarus (Eastern Europe).

He is the present ambassador of INEC PVC television advert. 

  He was hosted by the Ministry of Tourism during the Miss ECOWAS beauty pergent 2008. 

This upcoming comedian earns a lot of money for his hard work. According to, Mc Governor net worth is estimated to be N40million!