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HEALTH NEWS: The Bayelsa State Government Says Parents Must Be Involved In Checking Drug Abuse In The Society

 National News 

Port Harcourt By Comr. Isaac C. (ICC Media) International Communication Centre reporting 8, July 2023 / 11:27pm 

27 June,2023 Photograph of Hon. Ebitei Robert Tonyon, EPA, Commissioner for Power Bayelsa State, Nigeria

The Bayelsa State Government says Parents must be involved in checking Drug Abuse in the Society

Hon. Ebitei Robert Tonyon, EPA, Commissioner for Power, said this in an interview with newsmen on the sidelines of the just concluded  International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit trafficking in Yenagoa the State Capital.

The Commissioner said everyone must be involved in curbing Drug Abuse as Government alone cannot do everything

"First it's a Global problem and something that everyone of us has to be involved including the parents and most of these things start from the family."

He said most parents No longer pay attention to the behavior of their children. 

The Commissioner said while Government is playing it's part to curb this menace,it behind on parents to give proper attention to the upbringing of their children

"So the governments have done their part and the government keep doing it on daily basis that is why we are even seeing this little difference and again the security agents are also doing their beats and without the security agent and the government I don't think it would have had any control but because of the fear of the government that has even controlled it to this level where we are

"So every parents most have to be involved can see that the society we are like I said everything starts from the family now the upbringing matters sometimes

Tonyon said the Bayelsa state Government has taken some measures to curb the menace including the arrest of drug addicts , rehabilitating and sending them back to their families.

"As the Government of Bayelsa State, well at my Capacity I know Bayelsa State government has put enough in place and that's why yesterday we were able to launch it and observe the day against international day drug abuse and the bayelsa state.

"Government has set up a committee that is handling it and Bayelsa state has also built a hospital to rehabilitate all those that are already addicted.

"Also the state government sometime ago has been going out arresting all those boys that have been addicted some of which addiction leads to madness on the streets.

"Some have been rehabilitated and sent  back to their communities 'he said.

The commissioner said the government is also partnering with the Federal Medical Center (FMC)Yenagoa to rehabilitate those arrested from the streets.

He said all the relevant ministries including that of Environment, Health and others are involved in the rehabilitation programm the  government took a decision and ministries of health, Environments and other  relevant ministries were on it , arresting them and taking them to the hospital and rehabilitating them" he said
Tonyon said his Government is not leaving any stone unturned to ensure that it rides the state off drug addicts

"Of course you know that right now the government has put up a structure in hospital for that the Bayelsa state government is taking  proactive steps on that, first Bayelsa state government has just put up a structure but also a manpower and before the structure was put on we partnered with the Federal Medical Center and have a space in the Federal Medical Center that have been keeping these people and managing them with the manpower that we have and the FMC and some other persons that where brought from different locations to come and manage the crises and the places they are putting in place. 

That is what's the government is doing they did not just put in a structure and leave it like that, they put the structure and follow it up accordingly so that what we are putting in place will not be a waste" he said he advised the youths to desist from Drug Abuse as it will not pay them any good.

"My advice to the youths, elders and adults that is involved in drug abuse,I think is high time everyone should know him or herself if you don't praise yourself nobody will praise you if you don't tell someone who you are nobody will know who you are if you don't go to school and they remain in the village no one will know you He urged them to think of something good to improve their lives adding that by indulging in drug abuse they are destroying their future and that of their families.

 "It is not how long you lived but how well you lived one can leave one thousand years without making an impact so everybody both young adults and parents should know that the man you watched in the television is a man like you that doesn't have two heads, the woman you see on the road and say she's beautiful does not have two heads but one like you. 

 Do you put yourself to use? do you put yourself in a positive role or negative side? cause is the side you choose that makes you who you are if you take the positive side you will make positive impact to the society and vice versa.

Everybody has a role to play in your lives, having a reason why you were born every parents should advise their children to follow the right part and some of these things are caused by negative friends from primary, secondary and universities schools

Tonyon advised parents to watch the kind of friendship their children keep as most children are being corrupted by their friends

"If you see your son coming back with a friend you don't even ask questions because is your son's friend and you don't know their parents or where they live and you accept them because is your son or daughter's friend and most of them are being corrupt by their friends

"So I advised that every parents should be able to tell and advise their children to follow the right part and avoid the friends that is not contributing positively to their lives"

Signed Comr. Isaac 

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