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JUST IN: Importance of Family Demographic Change– Ebitei Robert

By ICC MEDIA 8 June, 2023
Ebitei Robert Tonyon, Commissioner For Power and Water Resources Bayelsa State 

The concept of family and its dynamics have undergone substantial transformations in recent decades, prompting 15th May as the establishment of International Family Day approximately 30 years ago. This assertion was made by the Commissioner For Power and Water Resources Bayelsa State, Amb.

Speaking with newsmen ICC Media reporters and others journalists in the State online,  Hon. Dr. Ebitei Robert Tonyon, on Tuesday in an interview with him. 

According to Hon Tonyon, one critical aspect that has drawn attention is the age at which individuals enter into marriage. 

My Notably, contemporary societal challenges have influenced the decision to marry, affecting both young women and men, and by examining historical data, it becomes evident that the age at which our forefathers married was significantly younger than what is observed today.

However, it is important to acknowledge that marriages at a tender age were common in previous generations and often resulted in lifelong partnerships. 

Reflecting on the marital age patterns of our mothers and grandmothers, it becomes apparent that many individuals, particularly women, were wedded at a remarkably early age. 

 Instances of such marriages occurring at age 15 or even younger were not uncommon. Surprisingly, these unions often thrived, with couples living fulfilling lives together. 

Comparatively, in the present day, a small percentage of marriages occur before the age of 21, and even fewer take place before the age of 22. 

Although, personal anecdotes can shed light on this subject, such as the experience of my mother, who got married at the age of 21 and enjoyed a harmonious relationship with her spouse until her husband death at the age of 76.

The essential foundation of family lies in the upbringing and values instilled within it. 

The significance of the father’s and mother’s figures cannot be overstated, as they guide and shape the perspectives and actions of their children. 

 A person may possess great potential, but it is the family’s influence that determines whether this potential is harnessed positively or negatively.

One’s upbringing within the family unit plays a critical role in shaping their character, beliefs, and actions, which subsequently extend to their contribution to the larger society. 

 The Crucial Role of Family in Building a Better Society is that every marriage and family, regardless of the age at which it commences, holds inherent value.

Age alone cannot be the sole determinant of the success or failure of a marriage. Only through an understanding of ethical values, family backgrounds, and proper training can a family truly contribute positively to society. 

The family serves as the bedrock upon which individuals are shaped, preparing them to navigate the challenges of the world and make meaningful contributions. 

Similar to the metaphorical wisdom imparted by Jesus, who advised building one’s foundation on solid rock, a family built on strong values is more likely to thrive and positively impact society. 

As we observe International Family Day, it is crucial to recognize that families play a significant role in shaping individuals and, in turn, the communities they leaves in. 

Society’s progress relies heavily on the upbringing and training received within families. By nurturing strong family bonds and promoting values that foster a healthy and supportive environment, we pave the way for a brighter future. 

So, let us use this date to reflect on the importance of families and their invaluable contribution to the well-being of individuals and society as a whole. Conclusively, International Family Day serves as a reminder that the bonds forged within families are integral to personal and societal development. 

By acknowledging the changing dynamics of family structures and the impact of demographic shifts, we can better understand the challenges and opportunities facing individuals in their pursuit of meaningful relationships. 

“So, avoid trouble, embrace peace, and continual self-forgiveness; because peace surpasses wealth and enables peaceful coexistence in society.”