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WORLD CELEBRATION DAY MAY 15, 2023 UN Families Day: Families And Demographic Changes

International Day of Failies
By ICC MEDIA  13 May 2023

International Day of Families

International Day of Families

May 15, 2023

What is the International Day of Families?

The International Day of Families was established by the United Nations in 1993 as a way to raise awareness of issues faced by families throughout the world and highlight the important role that families hold in communities.

The UN also uses the International Day of Families as a way to recognise that family structures have undergone many changes due to social, economical and demographic factors. The International Day of Families is a day to celebrate all types of families.

On this special day, the UN organises and promotes a variety of activities, workshops, newspaper articles and media content. Schools and educational establishments are also encouraged to get involved and observe the International Day of Families.

When is the International Day of Families 2023?

The International Day of Families is held on 15th May every year. The International Day of Families 2023 will be on Monday 15th May 2023.

How can I celebrate the International Day of Families 2023 in the classroom?

You can explore our whole range of teacher-made International Day of Families primary resources to use on this important day. Here, you'll find family colouring pages, word mats, page borders and activity packs.

To get you started, here are some of our favourite ways to celebrate the International Day of Families 2023 with your children:

  • Make sure to be inclusive of all different types of families. You can educate children all about diversity and inclusivity using our All Types of Family PowerPoint.
  • Teach children about different family dynamics and relationships within families using our informative PSHE Relationships and Families Lesson Pack, which is perfect for older children.
  • Children can use our Family Tree Worksheet to create their own family tree and explore their family history.
  • This Draw a Picture of Your Family Worksheet is another fantastic resource that children can use to explore what their own family is like and how they see their place in their family.
  • Explore our Volunteering Lesson Pack for ideas centred around volunteering in the local community. You can discuss with your children about different ways they could help families in their community.
  • Download our Having a Party Worksheet for children to plan a fun family event using the advice in this resource.

Looking for International Family Day EYFS resources to explore with little ones? These bright, fun and engaging resources have all been designed for your lessons on families with young children.

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Stories are another powerful tool to teach children about important topics and help them relate to different situations. Here are a couple of our Twinkl Originals that you may like to read with your children on the International Day of Families:

  • Don't Forget Your Jumper - This story explores relationships with grandparents and the different stages of grief, such as emotions like anger, sadness and loneliness. You can use this book to talk about the impact of family in difficult times and help children discuss their emotions.
  • Part of the Party - This story about inclusivity and diversity explores various family dynamics and how we can make sure everyone feels included.

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