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Bandits Killed 214, Kidnapped 746 In Three Months – Kaduna Govt

By April, 20th 2023
The Kaduna State Government has said that no fewer than 214 persons were killed because of attacks by terrorists, communal clashes and reprisals across the state from January to March 2023. 

This was disclosed by the state Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan in the first quarter 2023 security report he presented to the state Security Council. 

Aruwan explained that 196 males, 14 females and four minors were killed, while 746 citizens were kidnapped during the period under review. He also said that Kaduna Central Senatorial District remains top on the list with 115 deaths. 

Receiving the report, Governor Nasir El-Rufai appealed to the Federal Government to escalate security operations across the seven frontline states of the North-West and Niger State within the coming weeks, adding that the state governments alone were unable to handle the problem. 

The operation, the governor noted, would prevent the creation of a dangerous lull for criminal outlaws to exploit, especially during the period of transition from one administration to another. 

“We appeal for an escalation of security operations over the next 39 days remaining to the end of the tenure of this administration and beyond so that the change of baton at the federal level does not result in a dangerous law that criminal outlaws can exploit,” El-Rufai said.

“There is every reason to intensify and sustain simultaneous ground and air kinetic actions across the seven frontline states of the North-West region and Niger states.” 

He also reiterated the commitment of the Kaduna State Government in improving security as well as securing the lives and properties of residents of the state.

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