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UN IAWPA: 2023 Election Is Already On, Amb. Apostle Emmanuel Ovuede, EPA, Message to the Youth

By 6th March, 2023
2023 election is already on. The whistle has been blown and first leg of the election has come and gone to the widest disappointment of electorate. 

The reasons why many in the past refused to come out and register or vote has always been the fear of one man, the umpire whom have in the past and present denied the masses of their wish. 

Now, it is said that the court is the last hope of the common man but this axiom is alien to Nigeria. 

Next Saturday 11th of March is for both Guber and Assembly, over 40% of the electorate are already feeling cheated and wouldn't be fooled the second time and as such may not turn up for Saturday election.
Amb. Apostle Emmanuel Ovuede, (G.O. Glorious City of Hope & Reconciliation),  my Message to the Youth is that they're becoming the architect of their own self because many failed to think as human. Our youth still celebrate those killing their future. 

They still celebrate those who destroyed the cerntity of rule of law and thereby making mockery of the country in the eyes of committee of Nations. However, there's still hope via ballot in coming election. 

Vote out those who have committed crime against Nigerians as a whole. 

Vote out those who made mockery of our hallowed chamber. Vote out those who have rubbish the symbol of our authority. 

Keep hope alive. 
God bless Nigeria. 
God bless the Federal republic of Nigeria. 
God bless the electorate. 

Interview by ICC MEDIA