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U.S. Voters Head to Polls For Crucial Midterm Elections

United States voters on Tuesday headed for the midterm elections which will have a powerful effect on the final two years of Joe Biden’s presidency. 
Eligible voters will determine the majorities in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, as well as decide numerous governorships and other important offices. 

Voters may punish the Democrats, who currently control the White House and Congress, against the backdrop of surging inflation and headwinds for the economy.

The party in power traditionally suffers losses in the midterms. 

If the Democrats lose their majority in Congress, Republicans are likely to block majority of Biden’s policies until the next presidential election in Nov. 2024. 

According to opinion polls, the House of Representatives is likely to go to the Republicans while a close race is expected in the Senate.

Biden has repeatedly warned against Republican candidates openly questioning or even denying election results. (dpa/NAN)