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The President, International Association Of World Peace (IAWPA) His Excellency, Amb. Chief Per Stafsen: Denmark Citizen Staking So Much For Peace In Africa

The continent of Africa has suffered so much conflicts over many decades as a result of tribal, political, religious and regional tensions which has led to the displacement of millions of persons all over the continent.
Despite efforts to tackle the menace of violence, it is yet to abate but one individual and the Association he heads as World Peace President, is making strong impact in the area of promoting peace and reducing the incident of tensions all over Africa including Nigeria where he has spent a significant part of his life.

Amb. Chief Dr. Per Stafsen a citizen of Denmark and a Nigerian resident has blazed the trail as a peace maker of repute.  

Since emerging the World Peace President of the Association of World Peace Advocates IAWPA in 2012, he has been in the forefront of promoting peace. 

Spending resources and being always on the road especially during volatile periods to preach Peace and also induct personalities that will help in propagating peace all over.
His Excellency Amb. Chief Dr. Emmanuel Nkweke World Peace Spokesman sharing notebooks to students with some other Eminent Peace Ambassadors touching life's in Lagos State.

Following the successful conferment of the award of the International Eminent Peace Ambassador on Okpara Obinna in an event that took place during the 7th Anniversary of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at Akwa Ibom State to mark the 2022 Global Week. 

Amb. Okpara Obinna recipient of the award in order to further his humanitarian gesture, has donated note and text books to two schools, All Saints Primary and Nursery School, Akokwa, Imo State and Community Primary School, Matogun, Ogun State.
Those inducted as peace Ambassadors by this effervescent personality are in their thousands and are community leaders whose contributions is gradually making impact thereby reducing tensions.
I recall his actions during the Niger Delta crisis which necessitated his appointment as World Peace President and the efforts he has put in place in search of peace which has eluded the African continent.
For his role in promoting peace, he has been recognised by various Community heads as well as some state governments who have identified with his efforts but more needs to be done especially from the United Nations whose activities the association he presides over, has done so much to promote. 

With a Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council ECOSOSC since 2019, 
The International Association of World Peace Advocates IAWPA has been a leader in organising events that promotes the activities of the United Nations. 

There is virtually no week or month that passes that there is not an activity put in place to promote days earmarked by the United Nations General Assembly to promote issues that are germain to peace. 

The impact of the Per Stafsen led IAWPA in helping to draw the attention of various governments towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals SDG of the United Nations is also very commendable.

I witnessed the last programme aimed at Celebrating the Anniversary of the SDG in Uyo the capital of Akwa Ibom State and I must really confess that the Initiative is highly commendable. 

Being a citizen of the Kingdom of Denmark, I must state unequivocally, that he is a real ambassador of this great and historic country. 

He needs to be encouraged by his home country for the good works he is doing in promoting peace in Africa and Nigeria.

It is quite discouraging that the Nigerian government is yet to identify with such good works he is doing. 

I understand the mentality of those in government in Nigeria who probably do not understand the essence of promoting peace which has eluded the country. 

Special thanks must go to the Liberian president His Excellency Amb. 

George Weah (EPA) a committed member of the Association as well as former president of Botswana... Who has also showed commitment to the association and it's activities. 

In few Days to come, the Association will be United Nations Tolerance Day in Abuja, Nigeria where they intend to preach tolerance in all spheres of life in the society especially as the country heads to another election period. 

The attacks on perceived political does makes the event a very important one for all the parties concerned. 

Highlights of the event will include a special recognition on the Nigerian President His Excellency Muhammad Buhari and ex president Goodluck Jonathan for their role in political tolerance. 

Other well meaning Nigerians will also be inducted as Eminent Peace Ambassadors (EPA). 

The event will also witness speeches from the Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, clergies from the two major religion in Nigeria as well as other personalities. 

As I stated before, Amb. Per Stafsen alongside the International Spokesman of the Association His Eminence Amb. Dr. Nkweke Emmanuel, they have together transversed the country and Africa and has become a global name in the promotion of global and regional peace. 

His commitment to this cause is legendary and needs to be recognised. 

To the government and people of Denmark, I wish to say a very big thank you to them for the person they have gifted the African continent. 

Hopefully, the much needed peace that has eluded the African continent will be achieved during his lifetime.