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How Air Marshall Amao Led NAF is Raising The Bar In The Fight Against Terrorism

How Air Marshall Amao Led NAF is Raising The Bar In The Fight Against Terrorism On January 26th 2021, Nigerians woke up to the announcement of the change in the leadership of the Nigerian military.

This change brought in the current Chief of Air Staff Air Marshall Isiaka Oladayo Amao.

Amao whose announcement was highly celebrated by members of the force as well as other security watchers who are aware of his antecedents in previous assignments, promised to impact better in the fight against terrorism so posterity will remember his efforts. 

He also emphasised the need for collaboration with other sister members of the military in ensuring that the threat against the Nigerian state is obliterated.

Almost two years since his ascension to the leadership of the Nigerian Airforce, the force under Air Marshall Amao has shown strong commitment to the vision of President Muhammadu Buhari towards eliminating existential threats against the country through a well guided professional approach which is currently yielding efforts. 

Today, the strength of the so called powerful terrorists that had defiled military attacks have continued to wane due to the efforts of our Air men who have continued to smoke them out of their hide outs daily.

Air Marshall Amao in his inaugural address talked about collaborating with sister forces towards achieving the aim of flushing out threats against the Nigerian state. 

The other forces especially the Nigerian Army who had suffered casualties as a result of attacking without having a backup air power support can attest to the fact that their efforts have been made easier due to the formidable air power which our air men have applied in flushing the terrorists. 

These achievements are in line with the vision of our Air Chief which seeks, to enhance and sustain critical airpower capabilities required for joint force employment in pursuit of national security imperatives.

The successes which the Nigerian military especially the Air Force is recording against the enemies of the Nigerian state can also be situated in the level of moral of our air men which is increasing by the day. 

Today, there is strong motivation and inspiration among our air personnel. Leadership is an important key in achieving the goals of any group and the kind of effective and efficient leadership seen in the Nigerian Airforce which has placed round pegs in round holes has made success an easy word that can be pronounced in the manner which our gallant forces are carrying out the fight against terrorism. 

The period under which Air Marshall Amao has been in charge of the Air Force has seen an improvement in cooperation and synergy among the Services which has yielded some tangible but remarkable results. 

For instance, air strikes at Marte, the Tumbuns on the Lake Tchad and Malam Fatori in the Northeast where several ISWAP terrorists and their followers were eliminated, is a testimony to the renewed vigour and synergy that the NAF and the Nigerian Army (NA) have brought to bear. Recently too, coordinated efforts by the NAF, NA and Department of State Security have led to the elimination of key terrorists and bandits in the Northwest including the notorious Alhaji Auta and Kachalla Ruga, among others.

In addition, the NAF Special Forces elements have, in the last 12 months, been reinvigorated and further given advanced training both at home and abroad to confront the current security challenges in the country as they fight side by side with other Services and security agencies in the various Theatres of Operation. 

Besides supporting joint operations, the NAF has also conducted independent operations to destroy insurgents’ capabilities before they can be brought to bear on own forces.

These efforts were geared towards ensuring that remnants of unrepentant terrorist elements are neutralized to ensure peace and stability and enable law abiding citizens to carry out their legitimate aspirations without fear or intimidation.

Nigerians are very critical when it comes to the issue of insecurity. 

But despite the fact that they believe more needs to be done, they are unanimous in agreeing that there is an improvement in the fight against the enemies of the state. 

As patriotic Nigerians who want the best for the country especially the stability of the country, it is imperative that all hands must be on deck in supporting our officers who risk their lives so we can sleep with our two eyes closed. 

This is why we owe it as a duty to continue to support them and encourage them especially our air men who have continued under the present leadership to raise the bar in the fight against terrorism in the country.

With the level and commitment being displayed, hopefully, we will have cause to smile and the assurance of President Muhammadu Buhari that his successor will not inherit insecurity will be materialised.
Amb. Dr. Emmanuel Nkweke is the. International Spokesman of International Association of World Peace Advocates IAWPA and contributed this piece from Abuja