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The Global Diplomat (IAWPA) His Eminent Ambassador Apostle Emmanuel Ovuede addressing the situation that is going on in the south-South region

The issues concerning Tompolo
His Eminent Ambassador Apostle Emmanuel Ovuede addressed the situation that is going on in the south-South region, concerning the surveillance contract that was awarded to chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo aka TOMPOLO, Amb. Ovuede says many people from the south South region are ringing bell over the contract that was awarded to Tompolo. he doesn't see any big deal or problem coming over this contract. Note chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo aka "Tompolo" Worth the contract that was awarded to him and the president has the right to award the contract to anyone in any part of the country that deserved it. The president could as well award the contract to each State and each Local Government but he didn't. He awarded it to Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo aka Tompolo, don't forget the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is from a State and a Local Government as well but is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The governor of each state is from a Local Government but he's the chief security officer of the state and the governor of the State, the Minister for petroleum comes from a Local Government but he's the minister of the State.The President have the right to award any contract to anybody in the country he hold no one apology for it and high chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo aka Tompolo has the right to receive any contract and he hold no one apology.
As I said Tompolo is a man of Peace an honest man, man of justice a man for the people, a man that hate oppression. The man that hate oppressing the masses and if the government have decid was to give him the surveillance contract. I expect and hope we all should support him . Not only the Delta state or the naija south South rigion. I expect the entire country to support him. For our crude oil to be safe, this is our major resources in this country right now. And I expect everyone to join, support and encourage him over this surveillance contract. No one should condemned and fight him or cursed crisis, please there's no need for that . Take note sometime ago this same man was going through alot of problem with the federal government, no one stand by him
AMB. APOSTLE EMMANUEL OVUEDE Urge the people of the South south to embrace PEACE and STOP THE VIOLENCE, LET LOVE LEAD IN OUR REGION I believe everyone in the country was awere of the situation. How he lost is assets and was Chase into exide from his family's , that point in time when he needed his people to stand and support him. You all were no were to be found. Noon of you shared his pain with him, he was alone . Most of you that are raising voice's now ,are the same people who were playing that the government should silent him and end his career. Now just because the surveillance contract has been awarded to him and you want to be a partaker not with an appeal you want to get it by force my brother is not done like that. I think everyone should be happy that god almighty has decided to reason and bless him. To pay him for his obidence and patient. Take note also there are many of you who will not take what he has endure some time ago . most of you will decide to fight over what he had been patient over, so many will rabel against the government . But this man was so calm and still mentain peace and orderliness, because he believes in tomorrow. Now that the same federal government had to remembered him. That's when you all want to fight him. By saying NO . For Christ sake don't you people have conscience . Please allow him to carry out his duty that has been authorized by the federal government.For those who want a slot should go and meet with him if he's kind enough to help you good not fighting him. The situation of the country right now we don't need to fight ourselves , because it will not take us anywhere. We need to stand for ourselves that's the only thing that will take us far not fighting each other, it will be a total waste and to be more destruction and disastrous to this country. INstanding this country at this point in time we need a bond of unity, let's put our differences aside , let's put our culture and traditions and whatever we believe aside. I'm a northern or southern , being a Muslim or Christian . Please let's keep all this aside and let fight for the freedom and peace of Nigeria which our founding founder had forth for long time ago. Whatever thing you're enjoying today are the results of our hero past . Please let fight for this curse. High chief government Oweizide Ekpemupolo aka tompolo has forth for the naija Delta and the masses and I think is our will to support him at this very point in time, for him to do more for naija Delta and Nigeria at large. Please let's mentain peace and orderliness in this situation at hand. Thank you all for your understanding. Business News: #ICC MEDIA