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"Many of My "Boyfriend" Mother's Chase Me They Call Me Grandma When They Bring me Home-Plus Size Lady

A lady named Damilola Adeyemi has revealed that most of her relationships hit the rocks when her boyfriends bring her home to her parents. In an interview with BBC News Yoruba, she revealed that many of her boyfriend's mother's chase her away because of her size, calling her a grandma when she goes home with them. According to her, she has had it in mind that she would be done giving birth to all her children at 27 years but all the mothers of her boyfriends are always chasing her away. She revealed that her size is always for potential suitors, as most times, their mothers think that she is too much for their son who is a bachelor that had not yet married
She revealed that she is still hopeful that her story will change, although she has used a lot of drugs to help her lose weight, all her efforts are in vain.