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Access Bank has partnered Naija Brand Chick (NBC) to support 200 entrepreneurs who participated in the women-dominated trade fair. The fifth NBC fair, held in Lagos, attracted over 200 entrepreneurs and increased sales on their products and services. The two-day fair recorded about N100 million in gross sales. This success is attributed to the availability of payment solutions by Access Bank and is evidenced by testimonials from entrepreneurs and shoppers alike.
LET'S TALK ABOUT: Fibroid Awareness Month 2022: Are uterine fibroids cancerous growths in one’s uterus? Doctor answers Health
Update Fibroid Awareness Month 2022: Is it impossible to get pregnant if one has fibroids? Are uterine fibroids cancerous growths in one’s uterus? Doctor dispels myths related to uterine fibroids. Read on to know more about this and seek timely treatment to stay healthy. 
Fibroid Awareness Month 2022: Are uterine fibroids cancerous growths in one’s uterus? Doctor answers (Twitter/SWHR) Follow Us
ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi July is marked by health experts as Fibroid Awareness Month as uterine fibroids are one of the commonest benign tumours of the reproductive tract found in women and about 40-77% of women may reportedly develop uterine fibroids at some point of their life but not all of these will cause any symptoms or complications. Fibroids are hormone dependant tumours that develop in response to the female hormones- estrogen and progesterone where in some women, the effect of these hormones leads to overgrowth of the uterine muscle tissue and thus causes the formation of fibroids.
This is supported by the observation that the fibroids are rarely diagnosed before puberty and are known to shrink in size after menopause and similarly, they are known to increase in size during pregnancy when the estrogen and progesterone content in the body is higher. There are a majority of women who have fibroids but fail to understand them and suffer in silence since there is still a lack of awareness regarding fibroids and many fail to seek timely medical attention.
In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Veena Aurangabadwala, Gynaecologist at Chembur's Zen Multispeciality Hospital, busted some myths related to uterine fibroids: 1. Myth: Uterine fibroids are cancerous growths in one’s uterus Fact: This statement is false. As soon as a woman is diagnosed with fibroids, she tends to ask if fibroids are cancerous. Women should not panic as fibroids are predominantly benign growths and usually not associated with uterine cancer. However, the fibroids can hamper your ability to do the daily chores with ease. Only 0.3 % fibroids could be sarcomas, which are cancerous. Thus, it will be imperative for you to seek timely help. Do not neglect fibroids at all.
One-chance robbers kidnap Lagos commuter, steal life savings
A woman, Olamide Azeez, has sought help after suspected one-chance robbers stole her life savings at Ikosi, in the Ketu area of Lagos State. The victim said she boarded a cab from Toll Gate, Ikosi, while heading for work at Victroria Island around 6am on Friday, September 29, 2022. She noted that no sooner had she entered the car than the assailants beat her up and robbed her of her ATM card. “They made away with my life savings — all N910,000; my iPhone XR, N4,300 cash, earrings, wristwatch, and Oraimo EarPods,” she added. Azeez, who narrated her ordeal on Twitter, said the money was withdrawn at point-of-sale terminals between 6.45am and 7am, while holding her hostage. She further provided contact details of the registered owner of the PoS. Related News  Police arrest 'one-chance' gang in Lagos  Lagos one-chance robbers arrested after breaking traffic rule She said, “Those robbers slapped me twice before I gave them my PIN and they put Aboniki (balm) inside my eyes when they dropped me at Marwa Gardens, Alausa, around 7.20am.” ICC Media learnt that the case was reported at the Alausa and Ikoyi police stations on September 30, 2022. However, the victim said nothing had been done by the police since she made the report. “I am traumatised, helpless, and I do not know what to do. Where do I start from? It took me years to save that much, and to see it wiped all at one go! Please come to my aid. Can the names on the PoS be tracked? Can I get my money back? Please help,” she added. The state Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, when contacted, said state laws forbade the police from tracking people’s bank accounts without the consent of their lawyers. He said, “In this case, the victim should approach her lawyer, who will in turn go to the police for a duplicate of her statement, which the police will readily provide. She will get a court order and from there other necessary steps will be taken. Without these, nothing significant will be done, except visiting the crime scene and other sorts of frontline investigations.” CLICK HERE to learn more
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Private Jet Charter Services Gears Up for Big Business in 2023  THE COST TO OPERATE A PRIVATE JET Buying a private jet for personal or business use is a major investment. Aircraft, of course, are expensive to purchase – but also to maintain and operate. A private aircraft can offer many advantages, but getting the costing right is very important to make the most of it.
GUIDES FOR PRIVATE JET OWNERS What You Need to Know Before Buying a Private Jet What Is a Private Pilot License? Private Charters Vs Commercial Flights – What’s the Difference? FBO’s & Private Jet Charter Luggage & Private Jets How Does Weather Affect My Private Jet Flight? What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel? MAINTENANCE & STORAGE Regardless of the level of use, there are many costs associated with aircraft ownership. Without even considering flying-related costs, aircraft will need to be securely stored at an airport throughout the year. Elite Traveller quotes average monthly fees for hangar use of $3,000. But at major airports, this could be much higher. Honeywell estimates fees at LAX as high as $12,000 per month. Maintenance and upkeep need to be considered too. Aircraft need to undergo regular checks and certification to stay airborne. You will need to hire ground handling agents or ground handling services to help maintain your jet. There are also unexpected maintenance costs, or part replacement, just like with any form of transport or machinery. Insurance also needs to be considered – around $50,000 would be typical. Call: +44 1279 668 005 Email: Contact Form CREW COSTS Unless you plan to fly the aircraft yourself, you will need to budget for flight crew. Depending on use, this could be a full-time crew or hired as needed. A larger jet may also need hostess staff onboard. Elite Traveller provides a guide of around $200,000 per year for crew – but this will vary depending on time requirements. VARIABLE / FLIGHT BASED OPERATING COSTS
There are several other costs associated with any flight. Aviation Fuel is, of course, an obvious one and equates to a large proportion of the operating costs. Jet fuel currently costs around $2.00 per gallon on average. A large aircraft like the Gulfstream G700 will burn around 380 gallons per hour at the cost of $760. You will also need to pay fees based on the route. Airports set varying landing fees for all aircraft, and authorities charge ‘overflight fees’ for airspace and ATC usage. These are calculated differently in every country. In the US, the fee is based simply on distance (currently set at $61.75 per 100 nautical miles). In Canada, aircraft weight is also taken into account. If flying internationally, some countries required the advance purchase of flight permits. OVERALL HOURLY OPERATING COST Putting all the fixed and variable costs together is not easy. There are large variations depending on aircraft use, location, and routes. As a good guide, some comprehensive estimates have been put together by the Aircraft Owner and Pilots Association, showing average total hourly operating costs for different aircraft.
These include: Cessna Citian Mustang: $1,015 HondaJet HA-420: $1,135 Cessna Citation M2: $1,395 Learjet 75: $2,172 Gulfstream G150: $2,380 Dassault Falcon 900LX: $3,588 Embraer Legacy 600: $3,740 Gulfstream G450: $4,747 BUYING OR CHARTERING AIRCRAFT
With such operating costs in mind, many private jet users choose to charter aircraft instead. This is usually arranged on a per-hour basis, including all costs. There are often options for fixed purchases of numbers of hours per year or even fractional ownership schemes. Chartering will not be as convenient as having constant access to your own aircraft, but bear in mind too that charter companies can offer a variety of aircraft that may suit different flight types. Availability during scheduled maintenance will also be easier. Many companies opt for corporate jet chartering to enable staff to travel quickly without having to use commercial airlines.
Call: +44 1279 668 005 Email: Contact Form FINAL THOUGHTS The costs not only to buy the aircraft but also to maintain and operate it should be considered when considering private jet purchases. There are many different costs of running a jet to take into account and different ways to approach these depending on aircraft type and usage requirements. This is hopefully a starting point for you to fully consider costs for aircraft of interest.
CONTACT OUR TEAM TODAY If you have any questions about the costs of operating a private jet, feel free to contact our team today for more information. AVIATION NEWS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN AN AIRLINE SHUTS DOWN?
Anyone who has been involved in the aviation industry for some time – or even just travelling widely – will have seen plenty of airlines shut down. This could be… PILOT SHORTAGE, IS THERE OR ISN’T THERE ONE?
Findings then showed that available aircraft for charter in Nigeria reduced from about 230 before 2015, to about 150. According to sources involved in charter operations, the 150 in addition to few privately owned aircraft were even more than the demand by the political parties because of the low-key campaigns. But the normal cost of charter service prices four years ago was from $4,500 to $7000 per hour. This means that each aircraft makes an average of 90 operations in a month at an estimated cost of $6000 per trip. Details show King Air 350i makes $4,500 per hour; Hawker 800XP: $5,500 per hour; Challenger 604: $6,500 per hour and Gulfstream GIV: $7,000 per hour. These prices had changed significantly from the last four years and this was attributed to the realities of the economy, the high cost of aviation fuel, the high insurance premium and the fact that aircraft available may not meet the demand during the campaigns; although it is estimated that the number of private jets in Nigeria has increased to over 200, including the ones acquired by pastors that are likely to be put into use for reward during the campaign period.
However However, the Managing Director of Flight and Logistics Solutions Limited, Amos Akpan, who has engaged in charter services for many years, said that there are benefits in politicians engaging in charter services to move around. He said that it would be difficult for politicians to fit their tight timeline to scheduled flight time. POLITIC:
PDP BoT Asks Ayu to Give Firm Assurance of Resignation after 2023 Election, Seeks Inclusive List of Presidential Campaign Council 5 hours ago Just In: APC Sends Machina’s Name to INEC as Yobe North Senatorial Candidate  5 hours ago Breaking: PDP Can’t Win Presidential Election Without Me, Wike Boasts  11 hours ago Thousands of Jobs at Risk as Kogi Orders Dangote Cement to Shutdown Within 48 Hours  15 hours ago LATEST HEADLINES NIGERIA FG Considering Other Options On Nnamdi Kanu, Says Police Minister BREAKING PDP BoT Asks Ayu To Give Firm Assurance Of Resignation After  2023 Election, Seeks Inclusive List Of Presidential Campaign Council  6:49, 21st Oct, 2022 by Isaac BREAKING Just In: APC Sends Machina’s Name To INEC As Yobe North Senatorial Candidate NIGERIA 2023: CUPP Petition EU, UK, US Over Alleged Plot To Deactivate BVAS NIGERIA FG Considerin Chinedu Eze It is estimated that politicians may spend over $500 million on aircraft charter services for the 2023 election when the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) gives a go ahead for electioneering campaigns. That is half of what was projected that All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would spend during the campaigns for the 2019 election, put at $243 million. Political observers say that campaign for 2023 elections would be rife and demanding because more Nigerians have shown interest in election, as suffering has pushed the people to determine who becomes their president in 2023. Politicians know that more is at stake and for them to win, and they must spike their campaigns and move to the nooks and crannies of the country to sensitise the people and persuade electorates to vote for them. During the 2019 election campaigns, patronage to charter service was low compared to 2015 election because Buhari incumbency reduced the fire in the opponents, knowing the power of incumbency in African democracy.  By: ICC Media E-mail: Contact: Comr. Isaac For News, Advertisement CONTACT: WhatsApp +2349056155757 +2348130386172