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In South Africa this is what a man spotted doing to a woman he accused of stealing his vehicle

This situation has made a lot of people wonder what could have went wrong for this man to take out a revolver and basically threaten a woman's life after accusing her of being accomplice to the suspects who stole his vehicle, no one can really confirm if this is true or not but the man was definitely angry to such an extent where he wanted to take out his frustration on the poor woman.
It was revealed that he went on to get his pistol and then proceeded to assault the woman accusing her of being part of the gang that basically stole his vehicle, and he kept on badgering her with questions and asking about the whereabouts of the vehicle. However it’s just unfortunate that the man is frustrated with the suspect who stole the vehicle where he had ended up in a situation where he lost his composure, and basically tried to end the life of a woman he may be falsely accusing of being part of the suspects who stole his vehicle.
This is Matobo South MP Soul Mahalima Ncube, and he alleges this woman is part of the gang that had stolen his car. Law enforcements were called to the scene in order to assist because they could see that the situation had seriously gotten complicated, as soon as they arrived on the scene they tried to appease him, and to let him know that he had the wrong person and he was directing his frustration and anger towards the wrong person.
The suspects he was probably looking for have gone with the vehicle and if i need and the funny thing is that he didn’t do proper investigations in order to ensure that the person who he was assaulting was the right one which is something that could have landed him in jail it’s not careful.