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HEALTH April 23, 2022
Welcome To Diabetes Solution Arena
This exact solution you are about to discover works for type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and even pre-diabetes so please take few minutes of your time and read through because this is a life changing discovery. I really care about  your health so that’s why i and my wife have decided to get these information across to anyone battling with diabetes. Unlike me, the doctor almost cut off my leg before i found this solution and as GOD will have it, I found Hope on Facebook where a friend shared this solution. I decided to give it try and today, I am FREE from diabetes. You really need to benefit from this. I want you to finally say goodbye to diabetes. You’ll finally normalize your blood sugar and jump start your pancreas. Yes, the story of my diabetes cure seems almost impossible. And, incredible as it seems, it’s all true. I know this same solution will work for you because it has worked for others too I’m about to reveal to you the story of a former diabetes sufferer. Short and brief I wouldn’t wanna bore you with story. Testimony Of A Former Diabetes Patient My name is David Oyekunle. I’m 51 years old man with a wife and 2 children, and I’m the owner of a 5-star restaurant. Now, I’m going to share my story with you, and honestly, it’s a little embarrassing, but it’s worth it to help you get free from your disease. Few years ago, I almost lost everything. I’d been suffering from type 2 diabetes for almost a decade. I always had to worry about which foods would send my blood sugar off the charts. Heck, I became a chef because I loved food, and now I was stuck eating bland, boring meals. I was a burden on my family, and I was terrified my kids would end up with my disease. Every single day I had to prick my finger to test my blood sugar, then give myself painful  shots. I was spending about 60,000 Naira on diabetes every month I tried the other diabetes medications that my doctor recommended. That was a disaster. I emptied my bank account and just about killed myself taking them. Most of the drugs made me feel nauseous all the time, and most of them made me fat. Even when I spent a week at the beach with my family, I couldn’t relax, always worrying about my blood sugar. My type 2 diabetes was emptying my wallet, destroying my body, and making my life miserable.I felt trapped. You’ve probably felt that way before, terrified that your diabetes is going to make your life worse and worse, until it finally decides to kill you. But for me, it was about to get even worse I’ll never forget that day in my restaurant’s kitchen. I was understaffed on a Saturday evening, the busiest day of the week. My stress was through the roof, my heart was pounding, and the kitchen felt hotter and more humid than ever. I received an order for a medium-rare steak and then my knees went weak. The next thing I knew; I woke up in the hospital. I saw my wife and my two kids sitting around me, their eyes red and puffy from crying. The room smelled like cleaning liquid, and I heard the steady beeping of the heart monitor. When my wife realized I was awake, she threw her arms around me, then called for the doctor. My son and daughter looked at me like they were watching their daddy die, and I guess they were. The doctor came in and explained what happened. “You went into a diabetic coma,” said the doctor. “A Non-Ketotic Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Coma. Your blood glucose level was extremely high”. One of the other chefs had rushed me to the hospital. If I’d been alone when it happened, I’d be dead. The doctor cleared his throat like he was nervous about telling me something even worse “Because your diabetes is so advanced, we’ll need to amputate your legs. I’ve scheduled the surgery for this afternoon.”
It’s every diabetic’s worst fear: Amputation. “No!” said my wife. “Absolutely not”. “I’m sorry” the doctor insisted. “We can give him another 10 years to live, but we have to operate immediately” My daughter started to cry. While my wife argued with the doctor, I got lost in my thoughts. Amputation and only 10 years to live? I didn’t believe it. The doctor had to be wrong. How was I going to support my family? I couldn’t run a restaurant kitchen from a wheelchair! I would spend my last years crippled and useless. The future felt like a dark, terrifying path that I didn’t want to go through.
Now, all the time I was thinking this, my wife was still discussing with the doctor. And trust me, she was pretty much upset. When I starte HOW FAST CAN YOU EXPECT TO SEE RESULTS? Dr. Taylor tested people at 90 days, and then at 60 days. By 60 days, about 50% of the participants had normal blood glucose levels. By 90 days, 100% of the participants had reversed their Type 2 Diabetes. The fastest it’s happened was 16 days. So if you start using the Norland Healthway Capsules today, you could be diabetes free in less than 60 days. HERE’S WHAT IT COULD BE LIKE FOR YOU:
Your 1st Month with Norland Healthway Capsules: A lot of people say they have more energy on the very first day. You’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and well rested than you have in years. This month, as you test your blood glucose levels, you’ll notice that number getting closer and closer to where it should be. Your 2nd Month with Healthway Capsules: You’ll feel much better and rekindled. No more weakness and dizziness Your 3rd Month (Complete Treatment Month) with Norland Healthway Capsules: Over the next couple months, as you finish the Norland Healthway Capsules, your blood sugar level will be normal and you have no gut of spend on buying medications anymore. If you start today, then less than 3 months from today you could be free to enjoy life, and never again worry about diabetes-related early death or amputation. If that sounds as amazing to you as it has to thousands of other people, then don’t hesitate any longer FEW TESTIMONIES FROM PEOPLE THAT HAVE ALREADY USED THIS SOLUTION How You Will Receive Your Product and Pay For It Once your order has been confirmed. The product will be sent to your location – anywhere in Nigeria. Immediately the product gets to your location, the delivery agent will call you to deliver it to you. When the delivery agent comes, you collect the product and pay via cash or transfer. You don’t have to pay for delivery. Delivery is free Nationwide. HOW TO GET THE NORLAND HEALTHWAY CAPSULES To get the Norland Healthway Capsules you would have to place an order for it and pay on deliverySend the Following Information via SMS or WhatsApp to  Your Name Your Full Delivery Address Specify The Number Of Bottle(s) You Are Ordering + The Product Name Your Choice Of Date Of Delivery Phone Number Of The Recipient (Provide 2 If Available) +234 803 476 9964 Your Email Address (Optional) NOTE: All messages should be sent to  NOTE: Deliveries take a maximum of 48 hrs depending on your location. All orders placed on Sundays will be delivered on Monday. Deliveries are done only on working days and weekends. NOTE: Payment is made at the point of delivery. Please do not place an order if you are not ready to pay and receive your product within the next 1 or 2 days. Please in case you call and the number is busy, kindly send me a text message and I will reply you. Due to demands, the phone number is always very busy. DOSAGE & PRESCRIPTION The dosage is 1 Norland Healthway Capsule in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast. You would also receive an SMS of the dosage and prescription as soon as you get the delivery. Delivery is free and you only get to pay for the drugs when you have received them from our delivery agent. Payment could be made in form of cash of transfer NOTE: Your address MUST include your State and should be detailed enough to make it traceable by the courier agent that will come around to deliver to you.
Our agent will call you within 24 hours to confirm your order before we send it across to you. Please do respond to our SMS as soon as you receive it. Knowledge is power, so well done for reading up to this point. The most important step, however, begins now because information is only of value if you act on it. I look forward to hearing your success story. 

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