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There are many reasons of why security guards are important. They help protect businesses, schools, banks, and other important places. Not only do they protect places, but they also protect people. 

Many famous people will hire security guards known as body guards or a security guard company to protect them. When a bank is bringing in money to its building, security guards are the ones moving the money and taking it into the bank. 

If these people did not protect the money the entire way, then there would be more robberies, thus these guards act as a deterrent for robbers. However, the guards will also protect against criminals that do try to steal from places. 

Their job is to protect anyone or thing until the police get there. Thus, they act as a first line of defense against criminals. Security guards also work in businesses. 

Big businesses often hire security guards to make sure no one gets access to secure areas. Places like Google have people’s information stored on their servers, so they hire security guards to make sure that no one can get to these servers without authorization. If someone were to get in however, the security guards would be able to defend against him or her. Security guards also protect schools. 

Many schools across America hire security guards to protect against criminals or other people harming the children in the school. There have been many examples in which these security guards have stopped school shootings. According to a security guard successfully ended a shooting in the boy’s locker room at Reynolds High School in Oregon. This incident is just one of the many times security guards have saved children’s lives at a school. Security guards are hired to guard specific people. 

These guards are referred to as bodyguards. Famous people often hire bodyguards when they are making an appearance at a performance, public speech, or other events in which a major crowd may be around them. According to Winston Churchill’s bodyguard saved his life many times. Churchill’s bodyguard’s name was Walter Henry Thompson, and he reportedly saved Churchill’s life over twenty times. Without Thompson, Churchill would have died, thus one of the most important men of his time would be dead, and this would have made the world a very different place. 

 Bodyguards guard even the President of the United States of America. These guards are the last line of defense between the President and the people who would be willing to harm him. Without these guards, one of the most important people on the planet could potentially be assassinated. 

By helping guard places like schools, businesses, banks, and other important places, or by protecting people such as students, famous people, political figures, and even the president, security guards prove that they fulfill an important job in the world. Security guards help many people in the world. 

They have many responsibilities that they must uphold, and if they did not fulfill them, the world could be very different and much more unsafe. 

This is why security guards are of utmost importance in this world.

The safety and security of your personnel and property directly impacts your daily operations. Choosing the right security provider to minimize risk is vital. 

For more information visit Business Security Services provides concierge, front desk and doormen professionals who are knowledgeable and motivated. They are chosen based on their experience, personality and integrity. 

 Front desk and concierge services include complete visitor management for directing, registering, verifying and budging visitors to improve building security 

 Front desk improves your corporate image by creating a visible front-line defense for your building and staff and the ability to screen all visitors 

 Doormen are dependable, congenial and attentive, serving as the first and last contact for every individual entering and exiting your premises Looking for Concierge or Doorman Services for your building? About concierge and Doorman If you are wondering about concierge and doorman services, you should know that they are basically security service however; the concierge and the doorman are also trained in unarmed security, restraining unruly guests and screening every package, communication, and guest. But if you are like most people, you are probably wondering where these services are used. 

Well, they are used mainly in upscale neighborhoods and condominiums. 

The service they provide can be summed up in these words: They make residents feel like first class guests in their own home. They are the first point of contact at the door and know how to treat guests so that they are made to feel welcome. 

Yet, they are also trained in security as well as CPR and life-saving training. If you are interested in concierge and doorman services, you should know that we provide top quality guards that have the qualifications your company needs. We require that you have previous experience in guest relations or security and our guards undergo a drug test as well as pass a criminal background check. Considering that the job is the first point of contact, it is very important that qualified guards are there to screen people and enforce rules and regulations. At the same time, they must also know how to make guests feel welcome. for more information on how we can help your building with these kinds of services. 

• Information technology and engineering departments that keep current with the latest technology and top-rated brands to deliver the best security solutions on the market • Personalized planning and design services to analyze external and internal facility-specific demands for home or business • CCTV solutions that grow with businesses and can easily be incorporated into a variety of enhanced systems (such as accessibility control or intrusion detection) for maximum effectiveness and security ADD 

• Digital recording—State-of-the-art DVRs and NVRs supply optimal security and numerous advantages including seamless assimilation along with other protection systems 
• Remote monitoring—IP-based video surveillance security systems, using existing corporate networks and the Internet to transmit and store digital images, enable monitoring of video data from anyplace at any time. Remote login and monitoring streamlines operations, increases efficiency and, most importantly, decreases expenses. Off-site video archiving enhances on-site security by preventing local-system tampering 
• Interior and exterior—CCTV options are created for both indoor and outdoor use, supplying clients with the maximum protection and security 
• Dome/matrix systems—Dome systems conceal the essential components of CCTV, so it’s hard to follow where the camera is aiming. The camera’s 360-degree range, coupled with pan, zoom, and tilt capabilities, offers a broad range of views. This reduces the number of cameras, decreasing overall cost 
• Covert and special applications—In addition to discreet dome systems with tilt-zoom functionality, cameras can be disguised as smoke detectors or even clocks Contact us to learn more about how we can help! 

If you’re concerned about protecting your business from would-be intruders, you may wish to look into video surveillance systems. These systems can offer your home an added measure of protection. In addition to installing deadbolt locks and other security features, you may wish to install a surveillance system. 

There are many great systems available on the market today. From those that you can speak to from a remote area to those that you simply monitor, modern technology has made it easier than ever before to protect your home. Such surveillance systems are easy to install and can be monitored either by you yourself or by a top security company like ICCTV. Either way, you’ve gained an extra measure of protection for your home. If you’re the one that is monitoring your system you can have it ping you each time someone is at your door or breaches your motion detector. 

Then, you can open an app and see who it is or if it’s an intruder. 
Once you know this information you can either communicate with them (if that is the type of system that you have) or you can call the police and have them check your premises. Surveillance systems can reduce your homeowner’s insurance drastically. You’ll appreciate getting discounts on your insurance and being able to save money. 

With modern technology what it is today, you can save a lot by installing video surveillance systems and it won’t be that expensive to do. Installation can be done in a few short hours.